Sunday, 7 November 2010

envelope purse

When I saw this vintage paisley printed silk, I knew it was destined to be made into a purse. I love the faded tones of the purple and grey print.
As you've probably guessed I have a fondness for reclaimed fabrics, their subtle colours and worn edges add to the character of my designs, as well as being one off a kind.

An envelope purse is perfect for keeping safe precious letters, postcards and trinkets.
Here are a few of my keepsakes.


  1. Hello sweet Victoria! I am coming over from Flickr to visit your lovely blog! I had a feeling that gorgeous fabric was vintage! I love that you made it into a purse, and a very pretty one at that! You sew beautifully and are very creative! The lovely vintage postcard and pretty necklace are perfect treasures to keep in your envelope purse!

    Love, Paula

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks for visiting my blog... So pleased you like this purse. You always leave me such kind comments.

  3. Hi Vicky it looks very pretty, thanks for your comments too!!

  4. You are so welcome sweet friend! Thank you for your kind words!!! Love, Paula

  5. So lovely vicky xx you inspire me x

  6. What a brilliant idea!

    I should try this too...and the addition of the vintage pin is perfect!
    Thanks for the inspirations.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina