Sunday, 21 November 2010

an inspiring trip....

A trip to London last week was the perfect way to be inspired.
First stop had to be Liberty's to check out their new haberdashery department.
I couldn't resist leaving without a little something...
so hard to choose between the prints.

Lunch at Leons and a peruse around Carnaby Street, then off to the Cloth House.

I just love the way they display their fabrics and buttons, along side vintage bits and pieces.

They always have a great window display.

I left with some blue and cream velvet, which I plan to make pin cushions with.

Well I feel inspired again........


  1. Feeling inspired too..lovely images.
    I wish we had a store like that - it looks so fun. Loving the big glass windows.

  2. Love liberty :) Yummy choice in fabric.

  3. HI Vicky,

    It is pretty much mine, the property that is. We agreed on a price of $255,000 and I am happy with that. So it is all go here and I am sorting all my stuff out.

    It looks like you had a nice Sunday. Give Tiddles a cuddle when you see her please. Gonna email Janice anyway too!!!

  4. Thanks Camilla and Itchin'Stitchin.
    Great news Kara...very exciting!

  5. What a great shop! I would love something like that here in my town =)