Tuesday, 22 February 2011

faded glamour

I love vintage black and white photographs, there's something mysterious and nostalgic about them - a faded glamour.
There not just black and white, but pearl cream to golden white, smoky sepia tones to charcoal greys.

Here are a few recent charity shop finds. The little star brooch is now pinned on to my new coat.
I collect little vintage purses and I really like the design of this one.

My handmade drawstring purse - a little bit of vintage glamour.

We walked across Port Meadow to our local pub, passing tufts of snowdrops on our way.... our reward, a well deserved cup of tea.


  1. Lovely pictures - and great charity shops finds x see you Sunday ?

  2. Beautiful photos! Really pretty things!

  3. Hi. I'm pleased you like the photos.
    Alison - See you on Sunday x

  4. Gorgeous finds! Can't beat a good cup of tea! xxx