Saturday, 5 February 2011

pretty things

This handmade vintage place setting was given to me by my friend Natasha. I love things like this, that have been so carefully made, and I imagine this being used for a special occasion. Natasha has a lovely inspiring blog, actually she's responsible for getting me in to this wonderful world of blogging.


I couldn't resist these vintage tea cups, you can never have too many? At least I have an excuse, as I also need them for my garden cafe which is open along side my open studio exhibition in May.

This little button purse was sold a while ago, but it's nice to look back at older work.
I wonder where it is now ....?


  1. These images are so lovely...a feeling of yesteryear.
    That purse is sp pretty, love what you did with the button too.

  2. ... you pulled a heart string when you said "garden cafe" I am so longing for spring. Such cheerful little cups... I am a rescuer of old china when I find it out thrifting.. tea just tastes better!

  3. Thanks Lisa & Camilla.
    I can't wait for spring too...I totally agree, tea taste better in old teacups!

  4. Looking forward to coming to your house again this year!

    Thank you for the mention - I am pleased you like it!