Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ribbons & trims

I've always wanted to visit VV Rouleaux and last time I was in London I did!
It's a shop full of the most beautiful ribbons, trims, tassels, laces and braids as well as beaded flowers and butterflies. Whenever I buy ribbon I struggle to find the right colour, but here you are surrounded by the most amazing hues.

'Rouleaux' is the French for the inner roll of a ribbon and 'V V' stands for very very good. 

Well, here are the ones I chose ...The cream one is meant to be used to trim furniture, but I think it would look lovely stitched onto a purse or corsage.


  1. Ooooh the blue with cream trim - yummmmmieee! x

  2. Gosh I bet you LOVED it in there. There was one on Marylebone High Street when I worked at agnes b.

  3. What a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Monica x

  4. I did love it! I wanted to buy so many things.

  5. Ribbons..can never have to many..
    love this post.


  6. Gorgeous ribbons and gorgeous blog! Adding you to my faves :)

    Hugs from Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink