Monday, 11 April 2011

old and new

I now have a selection of my work at Waterperry Gardens gallery near Oxford. This is one of the bags that will be for sale along with a selection of my corsages and purses.  

I normally use vintage lace, but these little daisy chains were so nice I bought them new. I have just stained them in some tea to add the faded, worn look I love.

The top little bird was £5 from the local Thursday market. It's now pinned on to a jacket. I can't believe I spotted it on a stall full to the brim with jewellery. The stall holder said it was a 1930's brooch.


  1. What a lovely bag! and fun finds...

  2. Congratulations!! Can't wait to visit the gallery ;)) Your work is stunning, I love each piece you made.
    The birdies are really beautiful, what lucky finds!
    Monica x.

  3. Oh my - I love the birds.. You find such great stuff!