Tuesday, 26 April 2011

stitched & sewn

I hope you all enjoyed Easter, I had a lovely break away with family near Bath.
So now I'm back, I need to get busy sewing again. It's always helpful to look back at some of my previous designs to get into the swing of things....

Here is a little selection of bags I've already stitched and sewn.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Hiya Vicky,

    I really like the pink one. The intricate work on it is very impressive, you must have so much patience.

    Hope everyone there is well and happy.

  2. Hi I like the coffee coloured one. I like the way you have put little pearls on the lace -pretty.

  3. Oh pretty pretty things you have made there!!

  4. Oh so pretty~ I love them all, such a beautiful Blog~ My first visit, I am off to visit your past Posts. Stop on over and say hi sometime! I am your newest follower~ oxox, Diane

  5. Thanks everyone. I'm really pleased you like them. I'll show you more, as soon as I finished them!