Wednesday, 29 June 2011

prettiest shades

I love mixing vintage lace with soft gentle colours especially pinks, like the dusky pink satin I've used on the clutch purse above. Vintage underwear is a great source of inspiration for colour and design. I look through all my scrap books of things I like before I start any new work. It really helps to look back through these torn out pages and bits of fabrics to come up with new ideas and designs.
I'd love to know where you get your inspiration from....


  1. The purse looks fab! I agree vintage underwear is lovely source for inspiration. I love a browse of Pinterest for inspiration, although sometimes you can't beat the real thing with a scrapbook full of pictures and textures.

  2. A beauty again!

    SO lovely to see you this week!


  3. Love your pretty images...weekend hugs to you. xxo

  4. Love this purse. It is like being able to carry around the softest inner part of a flower petal.

  5. I love all your comments. Thank you x