Sunday, 20 November 2011

sunday plans

Woken up to a misty morning, from the window I can see the fields and trees fading into the fog. After a lazy breakfast of toast with a delicious black cherry jam, I'm about to head out to help with the Christmas craft exhibition in Woodstock.
These little purses are coming with me too, now they have had their photo shoot and will be ready for sale along with my clutch bags, corsages and handmade cards.

What are your Sunday plans? 


  1. I have a huge - and boring - to do list!
    Sounds like you will have fun!

  2. ♥♥ love the bell closure .. very clever!

    Enjoy yourself!

  3. I was in Woodstock visiting the Fair exactly one year ago... It seems impossible to me it's THAT time of the year once again! I would have loved to meet you! Never say never.
    Monica xo