Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Just a quick post, to see if everyone is enjoying the Christmas break so far...I've been taking part in all the usual festive activities; eating and drinking too much, watching classic black and white films, winter walks, time with family and playing board games.

Here are some presents, now unwrapped from their pretty packaging.... soaps, pyjamas, vintage linen napkins and little silver jam spoons.

A winter walk to work off all those mince pies, The countryside looks beautiful this time of year, with it's patchwork of hedgerows dotted with white fluffy seed heads and red berries.

Have a wonderful New Year, see you in 2012!!


  1. Happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! I am a great fan of black and white films as well.

    Wish you a all the best for a beautiful and healthy New Year!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. Hi love the silver jam spoons and the seed head photo. Happy New Year :)

  3. The spoons!!!! Happy new year to you too! :-)

  4. lovely little silver jam spoons - I especially love the twist in the handle... ♥

    wishing you a most wonderful 2012 .. wow... can you believe 2012????

    .... I always wanted to try mince pie..♦♦♦

  5. Such sweet treasures you opened my friend...enjoy and thanks for all the wonderful blessings you have given me this year! YOUR world is so beautiful. xoxoxo Enjoy the 1st week of the New year. xo

  6. Have a wonderful, sparkling New Year!
    Oxford countryside... aaahh.
    Monica xoxo