Tuesday, 31 January 2012

chocolate box

I've had a lovely time away in the beautiful Welsh countryside attending a friends wedding. They were so lucky with the weather, very cold with clear blue skies and sunshine. All the guests stayed in a beautiful manor house hotel, which was a real treat.
Now I'm back home, I thought I would share with you this vintage chocolate box, don't you love the big ribbon on top. It would be nice it it was full of delicious chocolates, cherry creams to be precise, instead I keep zips, cottons, buttons and pearls inside. It would make a great jewellery box too!


  1. I love your box, it's super sweet!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
    I wish todays chocolate boxes were as pretty as yours!!
    Chris :o)

    1. Thanks, It would be great if they still made them like this.

  2. I like the colour combination of pink, green and chocolate brown
    perhaps they were thinking this when they made that beautiful box.
    It looks lovely with all your pretty things in now :)

  3. What a beautiful box and lovely things!

  4. Part of me wonders if all of the truly lovely items are to be found across the Atlantic.

  5. Hello I have just found your blog and want to say how much I love your photography!
    Heather x

  6. Goodness that is absolutely lovely!

  7. Nice ribbon, You have used a good equipment also. Yesterday I was searching box making techniques. I saw a website, which had presented a lot of ideas for making a gift box. I think you should use them.