Friday, 20 January 2012

my space

Well, it's been a busy week, going to 'Top drawer' trade fair in London, buying lots of lovely new stock for the boutique where I work. Looking at the stands gave me lots of ideas for displaying my own bags and purses.
I've been spending time sorting out my work room, putting up a few oil paintings I found at a flea market and stacking up vintage teaspoon and cutlery boxes which I use for presenting and photographing my little purses and corsages in. I like to keep changing my workspace, so it always feels like an inspiring place to be.

Any tips on how to keep your space tidy, I'd love to know?


  1. .......... awe ........ cute mouse! & I love the paintings!

    my organize trick is wooden shelves and baskets for my laces and zippers .. my hubby calls them my "wickery" and I have a LOT! Beautiful vintage tins for buttons and beads... many tins made in England...

    Also my dad made me two shelves that stack upon each other.. they are from an old pattern of a chicken coop bin... there are 6x4 slots on the bottom shelf and 4x3 on the top shelf.. just perfect to keep my folded fabrics visible.. love it!

  2. lovely!
    Always fun to peek at someones space