Sunday, 11 March 2012

papilio paris

Sunday's here! The more relaxed day of the week, no rushing out the door to try and catch my bus to work....instead a chance to tidy up, finish off some cards and take some photos to share with you.
The beautiful butterfly, 'Papilio Paris' was a present from my boyfriend and the books I bought from a charty shop last week.
 I'm trying to teach myself the names of wild flowers, I love the faded and slightly old fashioned illustrations.
Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. beautiful butterflies ;0)x
    I have a bug book given to me recently- it was actually a book that i grew up with and loved the drawing the bugs as a little girl. x

  2. What a great find and lovely present! Lucky you to have a sweet boyfriend!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  3. Hi sweet Victoria! It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday! What a sweet gift from your dear boyfriend!!! The butterfly is gorgeous and I love your vintage field guides! The illustrations are like nothing today. I collect them too, and they bring me such pleasure! xo~ Paula

  4. I adore these vintage books...pure joy! Happy midweek my friend.

  5. Such a lovely book and such a sweet gift too!
    Thank you for your lovely comment about my kitchen! Hope to see you in Oxford sometime!
    Rachel x