Sunday, 29 April 2012

nice and tidy

My work room doesn't actually look this tidy now, this was taken before I started work on a new design, now the jars of lace have been emptied out, sketch books open and buttons everywhere. It's hard to keep the space tidy when you are in the middle of making, but I hate to start work in a mess. I find the best way is to have jars, boxes and tins to pack it all neatly away afterwards. 

I bought some great fabrics yesterday, I really love the red flower piece, very 1940's, I'm going to make some little lace and fabric lavender bags with them later.


  1. there is satisfaction in a messy work area .. for sure! I love your glass jars! Sweet fabric ~ perfect for lavender bags!

    Happy Monday & have a most marvelous week!!!

  2. Hi sweet Victoria, Your jars of lace are so pretty and I love how organized you have everything! Oh, it is fun to get it all out and create something beautiful, as you always do! Like you, I have to pick up when I am finished, as I just can't think if there is a mess! Jars and tins are a great way to store all those pretty trims! I love the beautiful fabrics you purchased. They will make lovely lavender bags! Have a happy week! xo~Paula

  3. how beautiful!!!!! what a lovely summer house too ;0)
    with all your sweet creations i'm sure it will brighten any rainy day!