Thursday, 28 June 2012

my week...

My week has looked a bit like this...lovely new floral fabrics to make lavender bags, I always feel quite sleepy making these, perfect to tuck under your pillow for a peaceful nights sleep.

I found these little blue daisies hidden away in a box of bits, they will look lovely on my handmade cards.

I love eating outside, listening to the birds tweeting away. We felt quite pleased with ourselves, as we ate the little chard leaves we grew.

My mum treated me to a pink Geranium, which I've put in the bedroom as it's a nice and sunny spot.


  1. Your lavender bags look wonderful! And it is just the weather for strawberries at the moment :D x

  2. what a lovely week. I have been drinking lavender and camomile tea and making myself sleepy too! x

  3. What a wonderful week....My lavender is just starting to bloom. I adore you little lavender darling. Hugs

  4. it all sounds and looks delicious! positively summery x

  5. Love that bunting in the window! And that food is looking pretty tempting right now!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Aww I love your little lavender bags!