Monday, 17 September 2012

shop - found and sewn

Over the weekend I have been taking photos, writing descriptions and stocking the shelves of my Etsy shop. I have a mix of work for sale, like this pretty brooch I made from a piece of vintage lace work, decorated with glass beads and pearls ...

... and my vintage collage greeting cards, and lavender sachets made with English Cotswold lavender, which smell lovely.
 It's very exciting to finally have my own little shop open!
Take a look here. I'd love to know what you think?

I bought a few things for myself over the weekend too. This Observer book of wild flowers is pretty tatty, but I like it that way, a mint green doily now at home on my desk and a strip of broderie anglaise waiting to made in to something nice.
Thanks for all you lovely comments about my shop x


  1. Your new shop is beautiful. You have done a great job setting it up, from the lovely banner to the photographs to the items themselves. Well done!

  2. I will pop over and look at your shop after writing this. I am sure it will be lovely. There is something special about the observer series, can't define what it is though. Best of luck with your new shop. Jayne x

  3. Vicki your shop is amazing - I have already popped over and added it to my faves! Good luck!

  4. Looks adorable! best of luck with it all!