Sunday, 11 November 2012

velvet blues


I bought some velvet fabric ages ago in ink blue, dusky grey, bottle green and pale silver with the plan to make some soft pin cushions with vintage lace trims. I have only just rediscovered my velvet stash a few weeks ago and finally made the pin cushions and also a collection of clutch bags with beaded lace strips.
I'm really pleased with how they look, perfect for this time of year.
These will all be for sale, plus lots more lovely items at
 The OCG Christmas Exhibition  held in The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock from 17th November - 2nd January.
I've still got lots more to do.... what are you working on at the moment?


  1. the velvet and the lace is a nice combination. I'm trying to make boot cuffs at the moment! hoping they will fit once made. Have a good sunday, Heather x

  2. So very very pretty...I am in love with the deep dark blues..indigos! Good luck at the sale....just wish I lived closer to come. xoxo

  3. A post full of my favourite things. I have always loved velvet, lace and buttons. I love it when you find a stash of lovliness you had forgotten about. I am working on a small order of large corsages using velvet, lace, buttons and vintage trims. jayne x

  4. Lovely things and good luck with the sale!

    I am working on my Christmas shopping!

  5. I love velvet .. I added a little blue velvet to one of my new bags ~ must have been on the same wave length!
    Those old buttons are really neat!
    Hope all is well ........... peace & sunshine ..........♦♦♦

  6. Hello Victoria,
    the velvet is beautiful and the lace is so pretty!Hope the sale goes really well!
    Thanks for popping by with your lovely comment about my crochet.
    I've been working on lots of these and knitted wrist warmers too!
    So many things to make, so little time!
    Rachel x

  7. I love those shades and velvet and lace together. I have in progress piece of and old doily with black velvet. The combination is so rich.