Sunday, 16 March 2014

my sewing room

sewing room

What a beautiful Sunday morning it is! I hope it's sunny where you are too. I can't wait to get outside for a run across the park, all the birds are tweeting definitely feels like spring.

Here's a few photos from my sewing room which is now nice and tidy, I want it to be a practical space but also look lovely too. It would be great to have a complete change but as we are only renting our little cottage, it's difficult to change things too much.

These glass jars are perfect for storing bits of vintage lace and trims. The pinking sheers and china lady belonged to my great Aunt Lily who used to be a seamstress in London.

lace in jars lace

I love working in this room, it gets all the afternoon sun. From my desk window I can see apple & blossom trees, farm buildings, fields of horses and one donkey. It really is lovely!

sewing room sewing room spring flowers

v&A sewing room


  1. Your room is so neat and tidy I'm ashamed.

  2. Oh what a beautiful work space x

  3. What a lovely workroom it is!! Mine is much more messy :-)

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  4. It's adorable, you have so many pretty things, what an inspiring space! :)

  5. What a lovely space - and so tidy!! Your view sounds beautiful - I think I would be very happy to spend lots of time there, in the sunshine of course. So happy that spring has sprung - I've been out with my camera, snapping like mad :)

  6. GASP!!!!
    Love your sewing room.
    I'm just fixing mine up a lil bit!

    1. I'd love to see some photos when it's done x

  7. what a great space! I am so jealous! Looks beautiful! I could spend all day there like I am sure you do. haha!

  8. Thanks everyone! As soon as I start sewing it will be messy again.

  9. Everything in here is so pretty. I can't keep my studio organized though I do try. I know the answer is to pare down which is the most difficult for me.

  10. It's so important to have a working space you love being it -- you've clearly created a very charming one!

    Beata xox

  11. loving your space..and always wondering why everyone else's sewing space is soooo tidy and mine is not?!
    happy easter wishes to you
    Daisy j x