Sunday, 8 February 2015

my space


There has been a lot of sorting and tidying going on round here, especially in this room, where I make and sew.

I've been finding my work space a bit uninspiring, full of too many boxes of fabrics, lace and buttons, sketchbooks and notepads. So I decided to go through each area, only keeping the items that I really love right now and not keeping things just in case they become useful later, that's how I ended up with all this stuff.

I've been getting lots of tips from my lovely friend Natasha on the subject of decluttering. There must be something in the air at the moment, as I notice lots of people are adopting the less is more approach to life. It's quite addictive, once you get going.

I've tried to do this before, but seem to always end up rearranging my stuff, but not actually getting rid of anything, but not this time. It took quite a few sessions, but in the end I've donated over half my fabrics, buttons and lace to my old primary school, for the kids to use in their latest project, making puppets, and the rest I either recycled or it just went in the bin.

It's so important to have an inspiring, uplifting, uncluttered space to work in..and live in..

Other inspiring things lately have been...

Listening to this podcast from the Natural History Museum ( I love Monty Don)

Visiting the Love is Enough exhibition at Modern Art Oxford.

Walking in the winter sunshine.

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  1. What a pretty room it is! Love your new blog layout!

    Madelief x

  2. Beautiful post and thanks for the mention. It's so liberating to get rid of stuff - simple is the new collecting!


    what a beautiful lace collar, I have a lot of lace but never know what to make with it. May be I need to declutter and give it away! Im doing a craft swap on my blog if you got time to have look its for a good cause if you got time x

  4. I've got your blog link on the side bar of my blog now so whoopee I won't miss a thing now
    Lynn x

  5. Lovely space, had to pin! :) happy Wednesday x

  6. All very lovely and inspiring... I've been de-cluttering too -- I think it's the time of year!

    Beata xox
    I'm really liking your blog's fresh look!

    1. I'm so pleased that you like my new blog look xx