Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hot water bottle cover tutorial for Braintree Clothing

found & sewn

Now that the nights are drawing in, it’s tempting to stay indoors and keep cosy and warm with a good book.
So to keep out the chill I’ve made this soft woollen hot water bottle cover, which is simply finished with a decorative trim and blanket stitched edge.

I bought my fabrics from the Cloth House in London. They have a beautiful range of materials and vintage trims to choose from. 

You will need:
Wool fabric
Cotton thread
Sewing machine
Embroidery thread/needle

found & sewn

Step 1: Make the template:

found & sewn

Make a paper template by tracing around your hot water bottle, adding an extra 6cm (approx) all the way round, this allows room for filling your cover with the hot water bottle and seam allowance. Make three copies of this same template. The first (A) will be the front. The second (B) cut off the bottom by 12cm to create the back top template. The third (C) cut off the top by 17cms to create the back bottom template. These two pieces will make up the back opening of the cover.

Step 2: Cut out your patterns:
found & sewn

Lay and pin your templates onto your wool - I've used this lovely aubergine brown wool from the Cloth House.

Cut out all three pieces. 

Step 3: Sew: 

found & sewn

Press and pin a 1 cm fold along the straight edges of pieces B and C.

Sew down these folds.

On the front edge of piece B sew on your trim. 

Step 4: Sew together:

Place piece (A) front side facing up, then lay  (B) on top and then lay piece (C) on top of (B) facing down with right sides together and  all outer edges aligned. Pieces (B) and (C) should overlap by about 3/4cms.

This will become the opening of the cover.

Pin all the edges together.

Sew the layers together around the pinned edges with a ½ cm seam allowance.

Out of the curved sections cut little notches and snip off the corners for a neat edge when turned out.

Turn the entire piece inside out by using the opening.

Press the piece flat.

Step 5: Embroider:

found & sewn

I've used a contrasting pink embroidery thread which looks great with the wool I've chosen.

Using the embroidery thread sew around the edge of the cover using a blanket stitch. Make sure you sew through all the layers. Don't worry if this isn't perfect, it all adds to the handmade charm.

Your hot water bottle cover is now ready to use.  Simply fill your hot water bottle and insert it into the opening. 

found & sewn

found & sewn

Have a go at this project and share your pictures. Just tag your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BThoughtful_Makes and the user names @btreeclothing and @foundandsewn. 


  1. I love your choice of fabric, trim and thread colour... Your last photo is a perfect autumn photo!!

    Beata xo