Monday, 1 August 2011

precious purses

I love making these little purses, I only need a small amount of fabric, so I can choose something really special. I like to add an antique button or a vintage piece of lace. There is also something lovely about their size, you can only keep your very precious things inside.

I'm off to Paris tomorrow to visit my sister, who is moving apartments, so I had better get packing. hopefully I will take some nice photos to share with you when I get back.....


  1. What a beautiful purse this is! Have a lovely time in Paris with your sister.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Such a pretty delicate purse! Have a lovely time with your sister!
    Rachel x

  3. A soft purse would be nice to take out in the evening instead of a clutch bag. Have fun in Paris :)

  4. Your work is amazing!!! I love that purse and the colour is perfect! Happy creating. xoxo

  5. have fun in Paris ... I wish someone could tell me that! sigh ♥

    I love little things.. and little pouches are fabulous for self and give aways... When I clean up after sewing I am hard pressed as to just what to throw away.. now just what can I make with the little scraps!