Sunday, 7 August 2011

trip to paris

I'm back from Paris.... I had a great time away, if only it could have been for a bit longer. My sister's new apartment is lovely with big windows with shutters, very bright and sunny. There were a lot of boxes to unpack, which was hard work, but it was fun arranging rooms from scratch.
We went on a few shopping trips to look for furniture and other bits to make it more homely. My mum bought the beautiful orchid, which looks perfect in the living room.  

I was very hot and humid in Paris, so after a long day of unpacking and moving furniture, we all went for a cold glass of Leffe in a near by cafe. 

I did buy a few little things for myself....
Paris Vogue, novelty key rings, interior magazine, tea and biscuits... just a few euros left.


  1. Oh, imagine having an apartment in Paris. Your sister is a lucky girl! Glad to hear everything went well and you enjoyed yourself too.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. Wowee and you could go visit her some more! :-)

  3. That sounds like a busy and lovely trip!
    Love the packaging in your photos, the French know how to do great packaging!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  4. How fortunate you are to have your sister living in Paris......I was hoping to go there at the end of August for my 50th Birthday...ciao Alison

  5. Thanks everyone, I am very lucky having a sister living in paris...any excuse to go and visit!!

  6. You have such a lovely blog! Glad I happened by today.