Friday, 26 August 2011

summer breeze

 My boyfriend and I have been house sitting for my parents for a few days, we were really lucky as the weather was hot and sunny. We had lazy lunches in the garden, followed by long walks across country tracks down to the river, we passed all kinds of wild flowers, which seem to be a theme in this post.

The shape and colour of flowers are always influencing my work, adding decoration on a clutch bag, shaping a corsage and they can be my colour palette when choosing fabrics.


  1. I L*O*V*E your images! really beautiful, the colours of the fabrics and the lavender colours- sweet! ;0)x always a joy to be in the open countryside.

  2. So is nice to have days like that. xoxo

  3. The decoration on your clutch bag looks beautiful. So does your corsage!!

    Happy weekend,


  4. Beautiful, beautiful summer!