Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunny Sunday

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunny day here today, So I'm up early getting a few jobs done before I head out to enjoy some summer sunshine!

Sunday morning is when our local farmers market is held and where the lovely slice of cheese cake came from, so I may be cycling up there again this week for another slice.
The Vogues are from my large, growing collection, which I have been sorting through. I'm thinking I should get rid of a few, as they are slightly taking over, but I'm still not convinced ?

Have a great Sunday.


  1. I am the same way with my Country Living and Victoria Magazines. Buy some pretty, deep, rectangular baskets and store them upright in them. That's how I justify being able to keep them ;-) That cheesecake is beautiful!

  2. Your Sunday sounds good. I wish we had farmers markets in Rotterdam! Your rose plate and cheesecake look great!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  3. Isn't it so hard to get rid of magazines...I moved a ton of them into our new home...I just could not part with them at all.
    Happy new week to you.

  4. The VERY old issues that I simply have to let go, I tear out my favourite pages and keep them in a deep pretty box. Occasionally I get comfy with this box, a cup of tea and cake (that cake would be perfect!) on a sofa and have fun going through them :-)

  5. I agree with all these ladies! I cannot get rid of my magazines, even if they are old. I store them in trunks and vintage suitcases... if you cannot, why don't you make an inspiration book with clippings from them?
    Monica xo

  6. Thanks for your help, I think I will keep my favourites and tear out the pages I like and add to my scrap books.

  7. Sharing magazines is wonderful. You could find a friend to trade publications with. Then again, they'll have to remove my Victorias with my cold dead, well, you get the idea.