Monday, 2 April 2012

simple florals

I've been house sitting, looking after my mum's cat for a few days and took these photos of the little garden 'beach hut' yesterday,  it's had a spring clean ready for the summer and looks lovely at the moment...we use it to serve tea and cakes in during my open studio exhibition which is coming up in May. I think secretly we both love the idea of having our own little cafe, if only to have an excuse to buy more vintage china.


  1. can totally relate .. my mom & I dream of our own little cafe .. open for breakfast & lunch ... sadly we live too far apart ..

    what a cute little beach hut .. great color outside .. I'm not really a blue person but that is a wonderful shade for any beach!!


  2. Hello sweet Victoria! Your mum's garden "beach hut" is so beautiful! I can see why you have your studio exhibition here! Tea and cakes sound lovely and having your own cafe with your mum would be such fun! Yes, that is the perfect excuse to buy more vintage china! I don't think we can ever have enough of that! Love, Paula xoxo

  3. A little cafe with vintage china sounds perfect to me!
    The summerhouse is so pretty and I love the jug, brings back memories of school lunchtimes!
    Love the table and chairs you bought in the last post too!
    Rachel x

  4. Beautiful mirrors and roses... Great taste!

  5. I like your blog, I like your photos, I like your work .... Congratulations!