Thursday, 17 May 2012

lovely things

A few nice things from my week...I've just subscribed to Selvedge magazine, and this 'souvenir' edition dropped through my letter box the other day, lots of inspiring articles inside....

I have a bit of a thing for china birds, this one was a present from my very lovely friend 'Candy Pop' Thank you, I love it! It now looks happy in it's new home by my jars filled with vintage lace.

...bits and pieces from around my work room; a beautiful reel of pale blue taffeta, part of a diamante necklace, a piece of lace waiting to have beads stitched on to it, a lovely old tea spoon case and stamps from the market....

What nice things have cheered you up this week?


  1. Lovely, and 'little birdie' looks perfect there.. Great to see you earlier - you are so stylish! x

  2. Hello sweet Victoria, The magazine looks beautiful and the little birdie sweet Natasha gave you is so pretty! She looks perfect amongst your lovely jars of lace! I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous pieces around your workroom! So inspiring! I finished several embroidered mini quilts this past week and that has make me quite happy! I hope your weekend is wonderful! xo~Paula

  3. That looks an interesting magazine I will see if I can find it. Love the embellished lace from the previous post really pretty :)

    1. It's quite expensive for a magazine, but it's worth it x

  4. you have such a knack of making everyday things so elegant ....... ♦

    happy weekend!

  5. Selvedge is a wonderful subscription to have. The adverts are relevant but few and you can go back to it again and again for reference. Lovely post as always!

  6. How beautifully you present your work.........adorable bird!