Saturday, 12 May 2012

a week of ...

Here are some more photos from my show.....thanks for all your kind comments, it's wonderful to have your support. I've really enjoyed this week, meeting all the lovely people who came to visit me and my work, being tempted by homemade cakes, stitching and sewing through the day and spending time in the garden. My little vintage lace pins have been very popular, I love making them,  just a few left for Sunday, the final day.


  1. Hello sweet Victoria, All of your creations are gorgeous! I am so happy that you have had a good week! The garden house is decorated beautifully and you did a wonderful job of displaying your work. I love the tag you shared about your creations. Have a lovely Sunday dear! Love, Paula xo

  2. beautiful ♦ beautiful
    I love the colors you choose... cheerful and very feminine .. delightful!

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  3. Everything is so pretty....I love your little shed {I hate to even call it that as it is toooo darling}
    Wish I lived closer...would love to take a peek. xoxoo Hugs

  4. Hi Victoria...ust found your blog to's all so lovely and pretty and delicious! you are making lovely things to treasure...adore your summer house too Emmax