Sunday, 12 August 2012

beautiful lace

I'm in love with these pictures that I've torn out of British and French vogues in the last few months. The different types of lace are beautiful, from Filet to Macrame lace, they all have a feeling of elegance and nostalgia, which I try to capture in my own work.
Now pinned on to my inspiration board with strings of pearls and diamante necklaces...very inspiring.

How do you get your inspiration?


  1. Oooh love those images. That is exactly what I do, tear pics out of magazines to be kept for later use. I loved making mood boards at college, would love a job making them! I am totally obsessed with lace! Love your sweetie jars and bon maman they are such gorgeous storage. I have my lovely buttons in them. jayne x

  2. ....and the lady dreams, snuggled on a bed of pretty lace.....only "two doors" away from the infamous Bonne Maman ..... of one day walking down the runway... clothed with Valentino lace ....and the most elegant of pearls.....sigh..... :-)
    A lovely day to you, Victoria! XX

  3. I am inspired by a beautiful little sight called found and sewn .. have you heard of it?

  4. Oh pretty are these images....I am ready to wear some lace this fall. xoxoxo Thanks for inspiring.

  5. Gorgeous images, i'm forever making piles of pictures i've torn and put together from magazines - I find it so therapeutic too!