Friday, 25 January 2013

new spring cards

While I was snowed in last week I made a new selection of spring cards, just looking at them now I can't wait for spring to arrive and to get out into our little garden. I went a bit crazy planting lots of tulip and daffodil bulbs in the autumn and I can already see bunches of snowdrops peeking up through the soil, still a few more months to go I think....
I have a selection of my cards in my etsy shop and I will be stocking the shelves with some more soon.
Any nice plans for the weekend?
new spring cards new spring cards


  1. Beautiful cards and lots of weekend plans.

  2. They are lovely. Love them all

  3. Love them! I like the stamps you added. They would be so cute framed!

  4. Dear Victoria, Your cards are gorgeous! You are so talented and creative! The colors and details are so pretty! Your spring garden plans sound wonderful! I hope you have a happy weekend! I plan on sewing and tidying my home. Love and hugs, Paula xo

  5. Those cards are a breath of fresh air Victoria, I agree they would be lovely framed. Having the family for Sunday lunch tomorrow so looking forward to that. Jayne x

  6. You are so talented! I love these cards of all I want are spring flowers! I love your postage stamps on them...I have boxes of stamps from when I was a young girl...I really need to dig them out and make something. xoxo Happy new week.

  7. adorable and so very springy!

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. I'm so pleased you like my new cards x

  9. Hello Victoria,
    just meant to tell you I've recently had the great pleasure of seeing your cards in the flesh at Rosie B, and I loved them!
    Keep up the good work,
    Monica xo

    1. That's great! I'm pleased you like them x