Sunday, 3 February 2013

busy, busy


Hello again! Sorry I was so busy last week, I didn't have any time for my blog. It's nice to have January over with though, not one of my favourite months.
The whole house smells of lavender, I have little stacks of lavender bags tied up with ribbon, piled up in my work room.
I've been making them for various places and have some for sale in my shop too. Take a look here.
The smell really does make you feel very relaxed, I slept so well last night.
Sweet dreams...zzzzzzz

handmade cotswold lavender bags lavender bags


  1. Oh the bags look lovely, I bet the smell is fantastic... welcome back~

  2. I love lavender ♥ these are darling! Fabrics are so cheery ~ they simply make you want to smile!!!

  3. They are adorable! Mine still smells lovely - and it is next to my bed.

    Happy February!

  4. Those little bags are lovely, I do love the smell of lavender especially under my pillow. jayne x

  5. such gorgeous little bundles!