Sunday, 11 August 2013

summer sunshine

home sweet home

I was up early this morning with the sun streaming in through the curtains, so I thought I would make a cup of tea and finish off these lavender bags, before heading off to our local farmers market. We came home with pretty looking berries, yellow Patty pan courgettes and delicious cinnamon Danish buns ( which did not make it home)

my desk lavender bags

Another early start tomorrow, as we are off to Newbury Flea Market first thing to snap up all those bargains... I haven't been bric a brac shopping for a while, so I'm really excited as this one is always full of great stuff. I'll let you know what I find.

tied up with ribbon lavender


  1. The first photograph is beautiful, you have exquisite taste. I love the fabrics on your new lavender bags. Hope you had fun today. :)

  2. I am in awe of your lampshade, very pretty.

  3. I too love the lampshade, sweet little bags too! :) x

    1. Thanks...I covered it myself, really easy to do!

  4. I adore your first pic too - effortless style :) yours bags are so pretty - hope they sell well! Z xx

  5. so much prettiness!
    I love your lampshade, major props for covering it yourself you rock!

  6. What a lovely lamps shade! I'm absolutely in love with your first photo... Thanks for sharing!

    Beata (from rose hip)

  7. I love your lampshade and your bags are so nice ! I love liberty's style!