Saturday, 26 July 2014

endless summer


It feels like a good old fashioned summer, the days are long and warm, time passes slowly, spent outside in the garden picking herbs and flowers for the house or on long walks in the countryside watching the swifts and swallows gathering high in the sky, circling rooftops. Weekends away visiting new places. All these bring inspiration for making cards with vintage snippets or sewing lengths of stripy bunting for a garden party. 

What's been making your summer?

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  1. I like the shadow photo so much!!!
    Many Greetings, Olga.

  2. I have been enjoying this weather, I find it a little hot mind. I have been picking flowers from the garden, and painting pictures of them with my daughter. You have taken some good photos x

  3. Such lovely photos of summer. They capture the season so well. The shadow photo and the elderflowers are my favourites! Laura x

  4. Lots of swimming, light meals, books and just being lazy. Love your photos.

  5. Beautiful photographs Vicki, I'm just back from my holiday - t'was amazing! I see you have Vogue, I loved the shots of VB, a fun read! See you soon.

  6. Great photos, I especially love the card you made (?) absolutely gorgeous x

    1. Thanks Claire, I'm making some more cards soon.