Wednesday, 10 August 2011

fade interiors

I sell my handmade cards in this lovely shop called 'fade' in Woodstock. (click on the link as they have some great images.)

It's a shop I love to visit, as there are so many beautiful things inside, an eclectic mix of furniture, vintage finds, and beautiful accessories.
I dropped off a new selection of my cards which look so nice displayed amongst all the pretty treasures.

I fell in love with the table and chair set outside the shop..if only I had a garden.


  1. Looks like just a place I would shop in ... If only I wasn't across the pond :)

  2. What lovely cards you make!!

    I would also love to come and shop here and stay
    awhile to browse!

    I live in Woodstock too...but, in the USA! ;)

    Come on over to my blog and sign up for my Giveaway!!

    Big hugs,

    Susan ;)

  3. Your cards look beautiful and the shop too! Wish I could have a look around.

    Wish you a happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  4. Such a pretty shop my friend....I wish I lived closer...I think I would always be in there. Hugs to you my sweet friend...I love your blog...LOVE to add it to my blog roll...I have been missing too many of your posts.

  5. beautiful cards ;0) lovely treats n treasures in that shop- oh my too much eye candy hehe x

  6. ... Love your cards ♥ wishing my travel budget was much bigger!

  7. Thanks everyone I love getting your comments x

  8. I love this shop and really love your cards. Very sweet!!!
    Chris :o)