Wednesday, 17 August 2011

perfect backdrops

I sometimes think I should try and use brighter colours in my work, but the muted colours I love so much are the perfect backdrops to layer up with delicate lace. It creates a nostalgic feel, which is what my work is all about.

I bought these lovely postcards for 10p each from a bric a brac shop called 'Bygones' What a great name for a shop.
I also found a few other little things, a small biscuit tin with budgie's on , I think it's 1950's and an old map of Europe, which I might cut up and use for collage. It's funny what you end up buying sometime...have you bought anything random recently?


  1. awww i love the colours of the lace- so delicate and beautiful. I love going to a market near me, there is an elderly man there always selling old post cards, box's and box's filled with victorian children, animals, ladies and flowers...its always a joy to have a rummage through, the loveliest and funniest thing i bought recently from that same market was an owl...made from a dish cloth from the 40's with a note saying do not remove the pin and an old faded poem about the owl...its a funny looking thing, but i love it!... ;0)x

  2. The soft, romantic colors are perfect. Don't ever think of changing just for change. I love your blog and all the creativity it displays. So happy I dropped by today =)

  3. Daughter M and I have bought tins of buttons on Ebay - just couldn't resist them! I love all your muted colours/ lace etc.

  4. The colours you chose are perfect!!! Those old cards are special. I am on the lookout for them at flea markets as well. I bought some old floral teacups recently. I couldn't resist them!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  5. Hi everyone, Sounds like you have all found some great flea market treasures recently. Thanks for sharing them with me x