Sunday, 13 December 2015

Handmade Christmas Decorations

found & sewn

I love making Christmas gifts and decorations, using my time instead of money to sew, bake or make unique handmade presents. They are always appreciated and beats contending with the Christmas shopping rush every time. 

found & sewn

You will need:

found & sewn

Fabric scraps/buttons/beads etc..
Cotton thread and needle
Ribbon or cord for hanging
Toy stuffing or cotton wool
Pen and paper

Step 1: Draw and cut: Draw out your Christmas decoration designs on to paper. I have chosen a vintage bauble, drop and star.
Cut these out and place on to the felt, mark around them in pen and carefully cut out 2 pieces for each decoration.

Step 2: Time to decorate. Take one piece of your felt decoration and sew on any embellishment you like; off cuts of fabrics, embroidery threads, buttons, beads and lace all look great.

I have used some fabric samples from The Braintree Clothing team and cut out motifs from the design to create a vintage bauble effect.

found & sewn found & sewn

Step 3: Sew and Stuff.  Lay your embellished felt side (front side up) on to an identical plain piece, lining up the edges. Take a needle and thread and starting at the bottom of the decoration, sew around the perimeter using a whip stitch. Make sure the needle goes through both pieces of felt. I’ve use a contrasting white thread so the stitches are part of the design. When you reach the top, sandwich your hanging loop in between the two layers and stitch in place. Continue the whip stitch until you reach ¾ inch from the point where you began stitching.

Stuff the toy stuffing in the gap until the decoration is just padded but not too firm. Close the gap with a few whip stitches.

Repeat with the remaining felt pieces until you have enough to hang up on your tree or to give as Christmas gifts. 

  found & sewn

found & sewn


  1. Your lovely decorations tell me the essence of Christmas.
    I wish you Merry Christmas !

  2. Good to see this fundraising party. I too arranged a fundraising party at one of Seattle venues with help of my few friends. There we all presented some our talents. Everyone appreciated that and we made good money by selling them.